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Grid Iron Player Scholarship Awards (2022 Season) 

Congratulations to Tyler Umland and Derrek Hojnacki for being the recipients of the Gridiron Scholarships

2023 Grid Iron Player Scholarship Application Information:

2023 Grid Iron Scholarship Application Information found in a Grid Iron Email sent out to all Sr Families

Deadline April 14,  2023

The Muskego Grid Iron is pleased to announce the availability of two scholarships for graduating seniors of Muskego High School. To be eligible, the applicants must have participated in Muskego High School football at the Varsity level.

The two awardees will each receive $500.

The Muskego Grid Iron is dedicated to the successes and promotion of the Muskego High School Football Program’s players from the past, present and future.  

Applications must include:

_____ Completed Scholarship Application

_____ Muskego High School Transcript – print transcript off of Infinite Campus

_____ List of your volunteer activities (typed – include the following information)

  • the volunteer organization you worked with 

  • the approximate hours spent at each activity

  • leadership role you had, if any

_____ Other programs or activities you have participated in - include those IN and OUT of school

_____ 1-2-page essay (12 font Times New Roman) answering this question:

“How has the spirit of Unity, Family and Brotherhood influenced your time as a Warrior?” 


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